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The Sunrise Hotel & Lodge

Dedicated to Our Guest.

Escape to the pristine luxury of White Mountains, green hills and village life. The Sunrise Hotel & Lodge is the perfect place to discover the tranquil bliss of Rolpa’s rural life, whether from private veranda overlooking the lakes,

Our luxury rooms are in a cluster of 10 separate cottage-style buildings constructed of local hand-carved stone, set atop a small landscaped hill in the style of the local villages. The twin beds which can also be converted into a full king sized bed as a double room and double rooms with queen sized bed open out onto individual private balconies, with outstanding views of the Jaljala and many more..

The Sunrise Hotel & Lodge.
Rolpa Municipality-2, Pipal Chautara Libang


Libang, Rolpa.







Visit our beautiful locations during any season. Discounts available to regular costumer!

Entertainment & Events

We specialize in arranging business and Officially events. We can help you to dive into your work without a care. Your meeting should be successful, no matter what you aim for.

Our big conference Hall is outfitted with  technical facilities. It is perfect for your meetings.